Caring for Silver Products

By caring for them well, your silver products will continue to shine like they did when they were made.
You definitely do not need to give in just because they change color or get stained.

Silver does not oxidize simply by exposing it to air, but it may get discolored due to sulfur compounds in the air.
These originate from sources like exhaust due to natural gas, petroleum, coal, and rubber.

Please be careful not to put your silverware near gas cookers or the exhaust outlet of heating appliances.
Also, if you touch the silverware directly with your hands, rust will appear right where you touch it (i.e., along fingerprints and palm prints).

Some food items that require particular attention are eggs, mayonnaise, and salad dressing, as they will cause discoloration in the silver.
We therefore encourage you to use materials like paper napkins to lay underneath the food when serving food on silverware, to make sure that the acids do not come into direct contact with the silverware. Immediately after use, the silver tableware should be soaked in warm water containing detergent, where each piece should be washed carefully one by one.

Furthermore, please do not leave the silverware in the water for a long time. Rinse off the detergent thoroughly, and wipe off any water straight away.

Please note that if you put silverware directly in polyethylene bags or wrap it directly with plastic wrap, the silverware will get discolored where the polyethylene or plastic wrap touches it.

Care Instructions for Your Silver Products

Silverware surfaces may become dull due to oxidation or sulfuration.
When you are done using your silverware, always wash it with lukewarm water and carefully wipe off any grease, fingerprints, etc.
When the silver turns black, please polish it according to the following procedure.

If the problem is a slight discoloration, take a piece of soft cloth, soak it in lukewarm water, take it out, put some baking soda on it, and lightly polish the discolored surface. Then, rinse off the baking soda with water and dry your silverware with a dry piece of soft cloth.

If the discoloration is severe, put a small amount of commercially available silver polish (such as Wenol) on a piece of soft cloth to polish your silverware item. Then, wipe it with another clean piece of dry, soft cloth to finish.
As long as you care for them regularly, you can keep using your silver products regularly and still keep their beautiful, original shine. Silver itself is a soft metal, so please do not use materials like hard cloth when you care for it.

Silver Ear Picks: Precautions for Use!!
  • When using a silver ear pick, apply light touches against your skin, and do not twist the ear pick inside your ear.
  • Do not insert it deep into your ear, going no further than about 1.5cm (half an inch) from the outer part of your ear.
  • Never apply strong force on it!
  • Please consult a doctor if you feel that something is wrong.
  • Wipe off any water or dirt with tissue paper or similar material before and after use.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.

Care Instructions for Silver Plated Products

After use, use a soft piece of cloth with detergent to clean off the grease and dirt. Rinse with lukewarm water, and then dry with a soft, dry piece of cloth.

If there are heavy stains or discoloration, put a small amount of silver polish on a piece of soft cloth, and rub gently as you polish your silverware.